Novan Djokovic: The Legend In Making

Novan Djokovic

The Wimbledon 2015 final between Novan Djokovic and Roger Federer is one of those rare matches which everyone is still talking about even after its culmination.

The epic encounter culminated after Djokovic finally claimed his third Wimbledon title by defeating the living legend Federer by 7-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-3, in a hard fought final.

Born on 22nd May 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia, Novan Djokovic began playing tennis at the age of 4. At the age of 6, his talent was spotted by Yugoslavian tennis legend Jelena Gencic. Seeing his penchant towards tennis, at 13 he was sent to Germany for further grooming.

Since from the very early age, it was quite evident that Djokovic was the next big thing in making. He has many achievements from his childhood, like at a mere age of 14, he won a triple European championship, i.e. in singles, doubles and team competition.

In 2007, Djokovic made his presence felt among the big guns, when he played the semifinals of the French open and Wimbledon. Though he lost both of those matches, but his playing style has won him many fans and was highly appreciated by the critics. His first big moment came in Montreal (Canada), when he shook the world by beating the top 3 of that time namely Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick and eventually won the masters title and also secured himself as the number 3 of the world. People also say that the rivalry between Djokovic and Federer was ignited at that moment and continued for many years. He also represented Serbia in 2008 Beijing Olympics and won a bronze medal in singles competition.

Known as a ‘JOKER’ among his friends and opponents because of his ability to make different faces, Novan Djokovic is the only player in the Tennis history who holds an incredible 43 match winning streak, the kind of streak which any tennis player would be envy of. The wins came in 2011, a year which can be easily called as the year of Djokovic. In this year he won 10 tournaments including grand slam victories at the Australian open, Wimbledon, and the US open and finished the year with the world’s number 1 ranking.

His performance won him many accolades from the greats. While, tennis legend Pete Sampras declared Djokovic as the best he has ever seen in his lifetime, Boris Becker went on to call Djokovic’s session as the one of the very best years in tennis of all time.

Write now Djokovic is only 28 years old, and his performance getting improved with each passing year. Till now including Wimbledon he has won as many as 55 titles including 9 grand slams, and with the age on his side, we can hope for many more in the near future.

Champions Are Down, Wheels Have Fallen Off

Bangladesh vs India

What a series!! What a clinical performance!! Normally, we relate these phrases with Indian cricket team, but things have changed this time. The unthinkable has just happened, believe it or not, but India has lost its first ever bilateral series against Bangladesh. The so called minnows of the world cricket have taught India a lesson which I am sure they will never forget.

Before the series started, no one has given Bangladesh even an ounce of chance of winning even a single match, forget about a series win. There was no hype, no press reports and no scrutiny of players whatsoever. In short, it was the series, which was scheduled to get Indian players out of their rustiness. And that’s what cost us dearly.

There’s no denial that we have been outplayed in every department of the game but there were few mistakes, had it been avoided, then the story could have been different:

1. Complacency: It is no secret that we always use to take minnows lightly, and Bangladesh is no different. The body language of our players was so low as if they were playing a street level cricket. Catches have been dropped, run out chances gone missed and so on.

2. Opening woe: Since the departure of the batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar and ouster of Virender Sehwag, we are still in a hunt of an established opening pair. Though our current opener Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma has given us many solid starts, but they are largely inconsistent, both together and individually. In this series also they got the starts but it has never been converted into big ones.

Bangladesh vs India

3. No Kohli Kamaal: In my opinion, an individual should never be blamed in a team loss. But given a stature Virat Kohli has maintained from the past 4-5 years, it’s very obvious that a lot is expected from him. Arguably, he is a legend in making, but since the Australian tour, he is been out of form, and his lean path in this series also cost India dearly.

4. Captain not so cool anymore: Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is known for his cool head and calm behavior all over the world, has not looked in his usual demeanor. He looked rusty and his original cunning ability was missing. Adding salt to wound, dhoni’s unprecedented scuffle with Mustafizur Rahman stunned the whole cricket fraternity.

5. Lower order and humble bowling: We can say that these are 2 departments in which we collectively failed. There was no resilience shown by our lower order. So called all-rounders like Ravindra Jadeja and R. Ashwin looked out of form. Our bowlers leaked run on consistent basis and didn’t look shrewd at all.

Having so many drawbacks in one series is so unfortunate, and the question is “will India be able to bounce back?. I am sure they will. This was not the last series; we have a long season ahead. And if we play to our potential, then I am sure, there will be no stopping back.

Watch Bangladesh Vs India 3rd Odi 2015 Full Highlights

The Revival of Cricket in Pakistan


Pakistan, a country marred with countless number of problems for so long, finally saw a dawn of hope last week, when cricket arrived as a glimpse of hope to the country.

After being isolated from the cricket world for more than 6 years, Pakistan finally got his chance to host a bilateral series against Zimbabwe on its soil. The reason for Pakistan’s isolation from the world cricket is the most talked about subject.

6 years back on March 3, 2009, the Sri Lankan team was on its way to the Gaddafi stadium, when a bunch of terrorists opened fire and threw grenades at the bus, killing 8 innocent civilians in the process. The match was declared abandoned, so was the series and the Sri Lankan team left country forthwith. To this date it is considered as the darkest day of cricket. Pakistan was stripped of his right to host 2011 World Cup and there had been no international cricket in Pakistan, since then.

Meanwhile, in all those 6 years, Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) left no stone unturned to lure other countries to visit Pakistan for the betterment of cricket, but never got succeeded. The situation got so worsened that PCB had to request UAE to dub their grounds as Pakistan’s home turf.

After persisting for so long, PCB finally was able to make Zimbabwe agree and with that, a slow but a steady change has now been started. The most heartening part of this tour was the way Pakistani fans responded. They thronged to the stadium in huge numbers. Every boundary and a wicket was cheered vigorously and the hunger for cricket could be easily seen on their faces.

Many Pakistani cricket legends think that cricket is the only game through which this crisis-ridden country could get out of its shamble. As Imran khan quotes “Nothing unites Pakistan better, other than Cricket and War”.

Why To Warm Up Before Playing A Match?

The significance of warm up can be related to driving your car in an icy cold climate. It is usually best to let your car warm up a bit before accelerating it up to high speeds. The similar principle applies when you are playing sports. You like to physically prepare your body for the demands of an active play through slowly increasing your body heat.

So……what is a warm-up?

It is a session which takes place before performing any physical activity. Generally, it involves light cardiovascular exercises with stretches.

The cardiovascular exercises are done to increase blood circulation, raise body heat and bring the heart rate up, whereas stretching warms the muscles as well as prepare them for the movements they will be required to do throughout the activity. Explosive strength exercises, might consist of sprint drills or jumps, mildly enhance the level of strength and prepare the body for unexpected movements in the game which will follow; these exercises need only be performed after the muscles are warm; this will avoid injuries.

How long should it last?

The majority of warm up sessions last between 20 minutes to 30 minutes; this provides the body sufficient time to slowly prepare itself for physical activity and make a player mentally charged up, as well.

Avoiding Injury

The main reason for performing a warm up is to avoid injury throughout playing; keeping the muscles warm will make a player avoid serious injuries for example cramp strains. In more static sports, for example cricket, it is a good idea to stretch all through the game as this will keep the muscles warm and let them function well; substitutes should likewise continue to run as well as stretch while they are waiting to join a game; this is usually seen in football games as well, where the substitutes jog, jump as well as stretch along the sidelines.

Try Thrilling Sports To Experience The Creative Edge

Try Thrilling Sports To Experience The Creative Edge

In today’s world of ideas and novelty, we find ourselves under a lot of pressure to be creative and come up with great ideas that everybody likes. In theory it is very much possible, however in the physical aspect, lots of us wonder how on earth we come across our creative edge?

Everyone has the potential to be creative, be it aesthetically, theoretically or technically, however to unleash your internal creativeness, you have to break away from the daily regimen and dare yourselves with the new experiences. Thrilling sports, be it mountain climbing, hard core difficult races or bungee jumping; are able to offer you the edge by improving your focus, inspiring you as well as enhancing your risk taking.

Lack of focus is a huge trouble for some of us. Sport teaches you how to concentrate, as it can have a wonderful effect on your performance. In case, if you’re participating in Tough Mudder, you need severe focus to complete the hard core hurdles like crawling below the live wires or crossing the monkey bars.

Inspiration is important in being more creative. Getting into various environments is important for thinking in a different way.

One of the most vital factors to become more creative is taking risks. A lot of us live in our comfort zones, following the similar routine day after day. Rather, we should be challenging ourselves, learning new skills and trying new things. A great way of leaving your comfort zone is bungee jumping. One of the most terrifying places to try this is the Macau Tower, in China. It takes a lot of time to climb up; just to jump down 338 meters.

Extreme sports, while some might consider are for the stupid or crazy, are one way to hone your skills. So, come out of your security blanket and try thrilling sports to experience the creative edge.