A Sport is Referred to an Activity


A sport is referred to an activity which requires physical attitude and competence and is governed by a set of rules and regulations. The basic endeavour statement in any game is the outcome-winning or losing. On general hypothesis sports can be well categorized into racing, opponent, achievement and mind sports. Where mind sports are further classified into chess and mastermind. The physical games are meant to test the vigour of the player the mind games on the other hand are a test for the mental acuity of the player. Some of the well known sports in the world include cricket, football, badminton, hockey, tennis, golf, baseball, basketball and many such popular sports. Sports proffer competition and entertainment which make it a very impressive combination in today’s world.

Passing of years and technological advancements have lead to major changes in the sports arena where media in various forms has been the main source of extend. Live broadcasting has opened huge horizons for people from all walks of li

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