Start thinking about performance if you want to win!!!

Start thinking about performance if you want to win!!!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a special world where every player won every game? But, in this tennis imaginary land, scores would be of no use as every player would be declared a winner. Well……….If this is what you are looking for, wake up. And once you are awake, you’ll remember that each player ultimately get defeated except the winner. As a matter of fact, the challenge as well as uncertainty in the game only offers the excitement.

Though, winning is given too much of importance, but nobody is able to control winning, however can control performance, and that is where the focus should be.

Task-involved players concentrate on performance and show high intrinsic motivation, produce utmost determination, and persist for a long time across various situations. Players putting emphasis on performance objectives (e.g., higher % of first serves) over outcome objectives (e. g., winning the game) maintain more attention for the task at hand. Getting wrapped up in thoughts about result only causes disturbance, nervousness, and stress.

What you actually should do is sincerely get fascinated with the various dimensions of performance. Being excited about performance keeps you persistently in the present and guards against the lack of self-confidence.

Take a few minutes to remember the best performance of your’s. You might not remember the details properly as you were so entirely engrossed in the moment, but your concentration on performance that day was commendable and winning took care of itself.

One way to stay focused on performance is to decide on short-term goals. These must consist of everyday, weekly, and once-a-month goals. Also, monitor your goals and achievements.

Ensure that your performance goals are specific, exciting, and convincing. In tennis, following are few examples of possible performance goals:

  • Enhance your net approaches by ten, each set.
  • Enhance your first serve percentage.
  • Flip the ball at least half of the time when in serious problem.
  • Lessen your unforced faults.

Do remember to set mental and physical performance goals. Self-knowledge is important to set smart goals. As you see perfections in performance, don’t be shocked if your opponents start losing a little more often.

So, to excel in the game and to give your opponents a hard time, focus first on performing.

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