Why To Warm Up Before Playing A Match?

The significance of warm up can be related to driving your car in an icy cold climate. It is usually best to let your car warm up a bit before accelerating it up to high speeds. The similar principle applies when you are playing sports. You like to physically prepare your body for the demands of an active play through slowly increasing your body heat.

So……what is a warm-up?

It is a session which takes place before performing any physical activity. Generally, it involves light cardiovascular exercises with stretches.

The cardiovascular exercises are done to increase blood circulation, raise body heat and bring the heart rate up, whereas stretching warms the muscles as well as prepare them for the movements they will be required to do throughout the activity. Explosive strength exercises, might consist of sprint drills or jumps, mildly enhance the level of strength and prepare the body for unexpected movements in the game which will follow; these exercises need only be performed after the muscles are warm; this will avoid injuries.

How long should it last?

The majority of warm up sessions last between 20 minutes to 30 minutes; this provides the body sufficient time to slowly prepare itself for physical activity and make a player mentally charged up, as well.

Avoiding Injury

The main reason for performing a warm up is to avoid injury throughout playing; keeping the muscles warm will make a player avoid serious injuries for example cramp strains. In more static sports, for example cricket, it is a good idea to stretch all through the game as this will keep the muscles warm and let them function well; substitutes should likewise continue to run as well as stretch while they are waiting to join a game; this is usually seen in football games as well, where the substitutes jog, jump as well as stretch along the sidelines.

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