The Revival of Cricket in Pakistan


Pakistan, a country marred with countless number of problems for so long, finally saw a dawn of hope last week, when cricket arrived as a glimpse of hope to the country.

After being isolated from the cricket world for more than 6 years, Pakistan finally got his chance to host a bilateral series against Zimbabwe on its soil. The reason for Pakistan’s isolation from the world cricket is the most talked about subject.

6 years back on March 3, 2009, the Sri Lankan team was on its way to the Gaddafi stadium, when a bunch of terrorists opened fire and threw grenades at the bus, killing 8 innocent civilians in the process. The match was declared abandoned, so was the series and the Sri Lankan team left country forthwith. To this date it is considered as the darkest day of cricket. Pakistan was stripped of his right to host 2011 World Cup and there had been no international cricket in Pakistan, since then.

Meanwhile, in all those 6 years, Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) left no stone unturned to lure other countries to visit Pakistan for the betterment of cricket, but never got succeeded. The situation got so worsened that PCB had to request UAE to dub their grounds as Pakistan’s home turf.

After persisting for so long, PCB finally was able to make Zimbabwe agree and with that, a slow but a steady change has now been started. The most heartening part of this tour was the way Pakistani fans responded. They thronged to the stadium in huge numbers. Every boundary and a wicket was cheered vigorously and the hunger for cricket could be easily seen on their faces.

Many Pakistani cricket legends think that cricket is the only game through which this crisis-ridden country could get out of its shamble. As Imran khan quotes “Nothing unites Pakistan better, other than Cricket and War”.

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