Novan Djokovic: The Legend In Making

Novan Djokovic

The Wimbledon 2015 final between Novan Djokovic and Roger Federer is one of those rare matches which everyone is still talking about even after its culmination.

The epic encounter culminated after Djokovic finally claimed his third Wimbledon title by defeating the living legend Federer by 7-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-3, in a hard fought final.

Born on 22nd May 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia, Novan Djokovic began playing tennis at the age of 4. At the age of 6, his talent was spotted by Yugoslavian tennis legend Jelena Gencic. Seeing his penchant towards tennis, at 13 he was sent to Germany for further grooming.

Since from the very early age, it was quite evident that Djokovic was the next big thing in making. He has many achievements from his childhood, like at a mere age of 14, he won a triple European championship, i.e. in singles, doubles and team competition.

In 2007, Djokovic made his presence felt among the big guns, when he played the semifinals of the French open and Wimbledon. Though he lost both of those matches, but his playing style has won him many fans and was highly appreciated by the critics. His first big moment came in Montreal (Canada), when he shook the world by beating the top 3 of that time namely Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick and eventually won the masters title and also secured himself as the number 3 of the world. People also say that the rivalry between Djokovic and Federer was ignited at that moment and continued for many years. He also represented Serbia in 2008 Beijing Olympics and won a bronze medal in singles competition.

Known as a ‘JOKER’ among his friends and opponents because of his ability to make different faces, Novan Djokovic is the only player in the Tennis history who holds an incredible 43 match winning streak, the kind of streak which any tennis player would be envy of. The wins came in 2011, a year which can be easily called as the year of Djokovic. In this year he won 10 tournaments including grand slam victories at the Australian open, Wimbledon, and the US open and finished the year with the world’s number 1 ranking.

His performance won him many accolades from the greats. While, tennis legend Pete Sampras declared Djokovic as the best he has ever seen in his lifetime, Boris Becker went on to call Djokovic’s session as the one of the very best years in tennis of all time.

Write now Djokovic is only 28 years old, and his performance getting improved with each passing year. Till now including Wimbledon he has won as many as 55 titles including 9 grand slams, and with the age on his side, we can hope for many more in the near future.

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