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The Indian Hockey Players- A Big Embarrassment for the Country

The bottom-place finish in the Olympic Games will leave constant soreness for Indian hockey team after the team stopped to its sixth consecutive defeat. Also, it all proves that a great deal more is required of the Indian side to be influential at this level. The huge issue coming into view is related to the [...]


Indian hockey team given a golden chance to show their mettle in the Olympics

Only some days are left for Olympics to begin and sportspersons around the world are waiting eagerly, honing the strength in their nerves and cherishing the dream in their hearts. For Indian sport, which has for years been a marginal note in the pages of the famous ‘tome of the champions’, the window of optimism [...]


A Sport is Referred to an Activity

A sport is referred to an activity which requires physical attitude and competence and is governed by a set of rules and regulations. The basic endeavour statement in any game is the outcome-winning or losing. On general hypothesis sports can be well categorized into racing, opponent, achievement and mind sports. Where mind sports are further [...]


Ice Hockey Equipments – A Positive Necessity

Ice hockey is certainly one of the most thrilling sports in the world nowadays. The game calls for players to have an awesome blend of skills, agility, steadiness and control. There are great probabilities to get badly injured while playing this game. This is because the puck which is being thrown around via the players [...]